Kueh Tutu

Like most people living abroad, I can only satisfy my home food cravings by making them myself.

Kueh Tutu is a traditional Singapore treat that is filled with either sweet coconut or peanut fillings. It actually requires a special mould for it, but I had to work with what I have and used a small silicon cupcake mould.

This recipe is rather time consuming as the flour for it is a very delicate mixture and the cooking time really depends more on how many you can steam at a time. I referred to this website for the recipe and tweaked it a little.



2 cups of Rice Flour
Pandan Leaves (cut into rectangles)
150ml of Hot Water
1 teaspoon of Sugar
1/2 teaspoons of Salt

Coconut Filling
1/2 cup of shredded Coconut
3 tablespoons of Water (Can omit if you are using fresh coconut)
1/2 cup of Palm Sugar/Gula Melaka
Pandan Leaves (cut into rectangles)



1. Prepare coconut filling by adding coconut, pandan leaves and palm sugar into a non-stick pan and put it on medium heat. Stir it to make sure the sugar does not burn.

2. After 5 minutes, add water. Once most of the sugar has melted and the mixture is mixed well, remove from heat, take out the leaves and let it rest. Do not worry too much if you still see some crystals, it will melt further when you start to steam the kueh.

Rice FlourDone

3. Roast rice flour and pandan leaves on a non-stick pan and on medium heat for 2 minutes. When it is done, take it off the heat to cool and remove pandan leaves.

4. Dissolve salt and sugar in the hot water. Carefully sprinkle water with a tablespoon bit by bit and use your hands to mix it by ensuring that there are no big lumps. Do not worry if some lumps are form by the end of adding all the water.

5. Put mixture through the sieve and make sure that you get a consistency of wet sand.


6. Fill half of the mould with the roasted flour, then 1 or 2 teaspoons of coconut filling depends on the size of your mould and then cover the mould with more roasted flour. Make sure you compact it well.

7. Carefully turn the mould on a piece of pandan leave and a muslin cloth and place it carefully in the steamer. You can use a flat spatula to help you. Steam for about 8-10 minutes.

It is best to eat it hot, if it has cooled down you can steam it again for a couple of minutes before serving. The silicon mould is not really the best mould because you got to be really gentle with it, it would be better if you can find a sturdy cupcake mould.


Enjoy! Please click on this link to support the recipe that I have written on another portal. 🙂


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